Kilchreest National School

A STEMtastic Transport Adventure

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In November, our 3rd and 4th class embarked on an exciting STEM journey, exploring the world of transport through a variety of engaging and hands-on activities.

Our voyage began in Geography, where we delved into the fascinating realm of transportation, examining the diverse modes of travel that connect people and places across the globe. From land to air and sea, we discovered the unique characteristics and innovations that define each mode, gaining a deeper appreciation for the intricate network that keeps our world moving.

Next, we ventured into the realm of bridges, exploring the engineering marvels that span rivers, valleys, and oceans. We learned about the different types of bridges, their construction methods, and the principles of physics that govern their stability.

And finally, the culmination of our STEM adventure arrived – the design and construction of race cars and bridges. With creativity and teamwork at the forefront, our students transformed their ideas into tangible creations. Race cars sped across the classroom floor, while miniature bridges stood proudly, testaments to their engineering prowess.

The enthusiasm and dedication displayed by our students throughout this STEM project were truly remarkable. They embraced the challenges, collaborated effectively, and demonstrated a genuine passion for learning. The results of their hard work were nothing short of impressive, showcasing their budding STEM talents and their ability to apply their knowledge in creative and meaningful ways.