Kilchreest National School

Useful Resources and Websites

Prim-Ed Publishing

To help both parents and teachers deal with this unprecedented situation, Prim-Ed Publishing has launched a ‘Parent Information Centre’. FREE learn-at-home packs can be accessed here for all classes, with direct links to relevant products for parents and blogs with great teaching tips!

E-Books and E-Resources A number of book publishing companies have made their e-books available to teachers, parents and students.

  • CJ Fallon
  • Edco Use username ‘primaryedcobooks’ and password ‘edco2020’
  • Folens Note: Select Teacher, fill in username, email and password, use roll number ‘Prim20’
  • Gill Education Online Resource Websites Online resource websites have also provided access due to school closures.
  • Twinkl: register with the site using code ‘IRLTWINKLHELPS’.
  • Mrsmactivity:
  • Games for younger children SEARCH ENGINES FOR CHILDREN
  • Kiddle
  • Kidrex
  • Worldbookonline Follow link and scroll until you see this and then enter.


  • Séideán Sí Choose your province and class level to view Irish games, activities and stories.
  • Duolingo is excellent and you can access it online or via app.
  • Caoga Caoga (Free App) is a vocabulary and spelling game aimed at children from 1st – 6 th Class
  • Cód na Gaeilge (Free App) is a good app for gaeilge phonics for all ages.
  • Eleathanach gives the weekly news as Gaeilge. This would be aimed at senior classes. once you follow this link you can choose ‘eleathanach’ for old news or ‘eleathanach na seachtaine’ for current news.


Maths Games – Websites (Covering various strands)

 Also available on the app store. · Khan Academy Interactive challenges with helpful videos to support.

 English Reading

  • Vooks audiobooks
  • use the following login: password: covid123!
  • Oxford Owl Educational activities and games, and a free eBook library.
  • Into the Book This is a fantastic resource for the children as it covers all the comprehension strategies for reading.
  • Read Theory
  • Word searches Poetry · Children’s Poetry Archive
  • Kenn Nesbitt Poetry (very funny poems for children to enjoy) Spelling
  • Spelling game broken up into levels Select your level and set of words. The game will display a word, then cover it. The child must spell the word to progress. They have two chances to peek.
  • Spelling City is free for three months using the code: VSCFree90 Phonics (all aimed at Infants)
  • ‘Alphablocks’ Series- excellent for Junior and Senior Infants. It is a fun cartoon series which aids in phonic identification and letter blending
  • Epic Phonics-Sing-along phonics songs.
  • Letters and Sounds Phonics resource bank with printable cards and games, as well as interactive games on-site.



  • National Geographic – Kids
  • Games, videos & factual articles covering all SESE subjects, pitched at a child’s
  • level.
  • RTÉ ‘Magical Sites’ RTÉ explore some ‘Magical Sites’ across Ireland in their video series.
  • DK Findout Research across all SESE subjects on this child-friendly site.
  • Ask About Ireland Select class level and explore facts about our environment through literature, videos and games. History
  • Scoilnet; History
  • The Ages of Exploration Geography
  • Scoilnet: Geography
  • Know Your Ireland App- this is €4.50 but covers all physical geography of Ireland.

Science Scoilnet: Science Exploratorium Explorify (STEAM ideas- free but you need to set up an account)

Arts Education Visual Art


  • Dabbledoo Music Dabbledoo music are providing full access to their resources which cover the full Primary Music Curriculum. This entails videos, interactive games and sing-alongs.
  • SFS Kids Learn about the orchestra, composters and instruments on this interactive site. Drama



  • Child Drama SPHE ‘Well-being means feeling good and strong in our minds and bodies, having energy, getting along with and helping others, knowing our strengths and feeling proud because we are doing our best. It means we can cope with the little problems and disappointments of life.’ (Foreman, F. – Weaving Wellbeing)
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga ‘Cosmic Kids Yoga’ provide free yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for kids. Children engage in thematic adventures as they learn to build ‘strength, balance and confidence’.
  • Disney Piano Instrumentals
  • Recgonisable feel-good songs, but on a calmer, more therapeutic level. Take some time out to relax, have a stretch, wind-down for a while.
  • Mindfulness Colouring: when you log onto twinkl or mrsmactivity, search for mindfulness colouring.
  • Wellness Book Read-Alouds (Youtube) Author of the ‘Weaving Wellbeing’ series, Fiona Foreman has recommended some Titles. 1. The Truth Pixie’ (Matt Haig) 2. An Awesome Book of Thanks (Dallas Clayton) 3. The Blue Day Book for Kids ‘A Lesson in Cheering Yourself Up’ 4. Happy: A Children’s Book of Mindfulness Physical Education You might like to try these challenges:


  • Hurling- TJ Reid overhead catch
  • Football- James McCarthy solo challenge PDST:

Here you will find the strands of the P.E. curriculum and some activities that your child may be able to do at home. It is broken into the different class levels. OLYMPICS: Here you will find information about the Olympic Games with links to videos and images. (3rd -6 th) 10@10 GoNoodle Joe Wicks; 5 Minute Move Series 2-k Move to Learn Coach Pirillo

Indoor Brain Breaks

  1. Jumping jacks, jump rope, or other jumps. Challenge your child to do a certain number of several kinds of jumps, or to see how many jumps he can do in 60 seconds.
  2. Hula hoop tricks Ø How many spins can you get? Spin it on your arm, on your leg, skip with hula hoop. Ø Pair the children off, give them two hula hoops- must get from one side of the hall to the other without stepping outside the hula hoops- move one hoop along while standing inside another. Ø Make a fort with the hula hoops and get the children to climb through it. One hula hoop flat on floor- two standing to make a prism shape, two going the opposite way to secure the hoops. Have a race- what team can make the fort and get everyone through first without knocking it. Ø Are you able to throw the hula hoop forward and make it come back to you? (spin).
  3. Play “keep-it-up” with a beach ball or balloon, or play another quick balloon game
  4. March or high-step around the house
  5. Do push-ups or planks: How about a family plank challenge?
  6. Do yoga poses or stretches
  7. Bear crawl or crab walk across the room and back
  8. Play ping-pong (you don’t have to have a special table, just paddles, a ball, and a surface to hit across)
  9. Putt a golf ball into a cup or box
  10. Have a dance party—just one or two songs
  11. Create a brain-break jar, with activities, variations, and places. Choose a few and perform the task, like “Hop 10 times / on one foot / in the kitchen.”
  12. Instant treasure hunt: Tell your child to go find “something soft and purple” or “something that can play music” and bring it back to you.
  13. Balance test: Put a paper plate on your child’s head and have him walk across the room. Make it harder by adding something to the plate, like a beanbag (easy), or a ping pong ball (harder)
  14. Go on an imaginary roller coaster ride: In a chair, mimic putting on a harness, leaning back (as the coaster climbs up a hill), leaning side-to-side (as the coaster twists and turns on the track), raising your hands up high (as the coaster plunges down a hill). You can even add unhooking the harness and stumbling off the coaster at the end.
  15. Breathe and move: Have kids stand and add a movement to each breath. You might raise one leg to a bent-knee position, for example, while inhaling (lift) and exhaling (lower). Do several different moves to challenge balance and regulate breath.

Outdoor Brain Breaks

  1. Walk around your block. Bring your dog if you have one.
  2. Bike, scooter, or in-line skate around the block.
  3. Play fetch with your dog.
  4. Play catch with a parent or sibling. 5. Dribble a soccer ball or basketball, or shoot baskets.
  5. Draw a hopscotch court and play a game.
  6. Play on the swings or slide. Soccer: Penalty Shootout: · One person in goals- winner stays on. · Dizzy penalties- spin 10 times and then take your shot at goal. Teddy bears picnic: · Make rice crispy buns, children go on a teddy bears picnic in the garden. Make a bear mask. Read the children a story.