Kilchreest National School

School Uniform

School Uniform Policy

The School uniform was introduced at the suggestion of the Parents’ Council in 1987. The colour and style of uniform was decided by a meeting of the general body of parents. The uniform is important for the image of the school and it enforces your child’s association with the school. We ask you to adhere strictly to the colour scheme of the uniform. Boys should wear a dark navy v-necked jumper, a pale blue shirt and dark navy pants. Girls should wear a dark navy v-necked jumper or a dark navy cardigan, a pale blue blouse, a dark navy pinafore or a dark navy skirt or trousers. Navy tights or socks would be worn with the uniform and a tie was deemed optional. In summertime pupils may wear navy shorts and a pale blue polo shirt.

It was also agreed that on days which have a P.E. class that all pupils can wear a track suit. The track suit should co-ordinate in colour with the uniform (i.e.) navy track suit with blue polo shirt. Pupils may also wear an old track suit bottom to keep their uniform clean at playtime.

1. All articles of clothing, particularly school jumpers, should have name tags.

2. Pupils should strive to keep their uniform clean.

3. Pupils must wear slippers at all times within the school building.

4. Stud earrings worn at the bottom of the ear and watches are the only jewellery allowed at all times.

5. Make-up is not worn during school times.

6. Children who are not wearing their uniform should have a note of explanation from parents.

We encourage hairstyles to be neat and conventional – with hair in its natural colour. Girls who have long hair should have it tied back in a ponytail or plaits for hygiene reasons. Hair bands should co-ordinate with the uniform and be conventional.