Kilchreest National School

Children in 3rd and 4th Class Design a New School Car Park and Land Development

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In September, children in 3rd and 4th class carried out a STEM project to design a new school car park and land development. They began by exploring the school’s current car park and the land at the back of the school, discussing the school’s plans and the various factors that need to be considered when designing a new space.

Next, the children made a list of things to consider in their own designs and drew up their own maps with their ideas. They then built models of their designs using LEGO, cardboard, and Duplo.

Finally, the children had the opportunity to view the official plans drawn up for the school by an engineer. They also welcomed two special visitors to the class: Ray Keenan, Kate Keenan’s dad, and Evlyn Fahy, Dean and Noah Fahy’s mum. Both Ray and Evlyn are engineers, and they spoke to the children about their jobs and what it’s like to work in engineering. The children were very inspired by their talks.

This STEM project was a great learning experience for the children. They learned about the engineering design process, as well as the importance of considering all of the factors involved in designing a new space. They also had the opportunity to learn from real-world engineers, which was a very valuable experience.