Kilchreest National School



The Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) curriculum strives to help children become self-confident and develop their self-esteem. It focuses on developing the social skills of communication, co-operation and conflict resolution. It also aims to promote the personal development and well being of each child, fostering a respect for themselves and others. SPHE is divided into three strands:

Myself – Children are encouraged to become more self-aware and are helped to get to know the different aspects of themselves. It covers the following strand units: Self-identity, Taking Care of My Body, Growing and Changing, Safety and Precaution

Myself and Others – This area focuses on the children’s relationships with different people in their lives and explores how people live, work, play and communicate with each other. It looks at the following strand units: Myself and My Family, My Friends and Other People, Relating to Others

Myself and the Wider World – Children’s place in their family, school, local community and beyond is put into context here. It helps them to understand that all people are important and have valuable contributions to make. It fosters a sense of belonging, at first to their family, then school, community, county and country. Specifically, it looks at the following strands: Developing Citizenship, Media Education