Kilchreest National School


Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

A computer network of over a half a dozen personal computers and laptops provides teachers and pupils with the latest hardware and software to deliver our rigorous curriculum in a modern way. Each classroom is also equipped with a personal computer which is time-tabled for children’s use. We aim to blend the best traditional teaching methods with the vast array of sources of information, to present information in a variety of formats to match children’s learning preferences e.g. microsoft word, power point presentations. Our I.C.T. equipment also includes a data projector, a digital camera, 2 laptops, a visualisor and a variety of software. We are planning to purcahse the following equipment – projectors for each classroom, wireless mice and keyboards, a number of personal computers to increase our computer network.

While ICT can never replace teachers or traditional textbooks, computer technology allows us to present information in a variety of ways – text, image, video and sound or combinations of these. When and where appropriate our pupils are encouraged to use ICT to present their new learning. As a staff we share continuously new ways of incorporating technology into our lessons to enhance the development of knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of the curriculum. There is an ever-growing number of effective resources freely available in the Internet to help learners to consolidate their learning.