Kilchreest National School


Overview of History Plan

Kilchreest National School

This plan was formulated by the Staff of Kilchreest N.S. after much preparatory work was undertaken.

It is important to teach history in the primary school so that pupils may become aware of their heritage. It is also important that the History Curriculum is not concerned solely with the transmission of a body of knowledge about the past but that children should also experience something of the way in which historians go about their work.

Teachers from Infants to 2nd class are allocated specific strand units for each class.

Teachers from 3rd to 6th classes will collaborate on a biennial basis in selecting strand units for each class.

Children from 3rd to 6th classes will be exposed to a variety of strand units. The strand units are recorded as part of the school plan.

Teachers will ensure that there is continuity and progression in the history curriculum from class to class. Checks will be made to avoid undue repetition and gaps.

In selecting content there will be a balance between local national and international content. Strands will always be selected that are relevant to the local environment and locality of the school.
An audit of local history has been completed. Many aspects of the local environment can be used to illustrate national and international history e.g.
i. Ringforts
ii Norman Castles
iii Old Churches
iv Great Houses

Various strategies will be used by each class teacher to develop the child’s skills to work as a young historian.

A variety of approaches and methodologies will be used in implementing the Revised Curriculum.
There is scope to link Strands with Strand Units e.g. Local Studies with Politics , Conflict and Society.

The time allocated for history each week is as follows:

Infants: 45 mins
1st – 6th class: 1 hour

Time can be blocked and discretionary time maybe be used for trails or tours.

Each strand is to be covered each year and due to the spiral nature of the curriculum overlapping will occur, however, we have made a selection of objectives from each unit to be covered every second year to minimise repetition.